History of The Grapes

The current building is made up of 3 original houses, 35 & 37 Knight Street and 60 Roscoe Street. The back yard was once another 3 storey dwelling, sadly destroyed during WWII, along with the rest of the houses along Roscoe Street.

Knight Street was the first to be built, during the 1780's two brothers, John & James Knight built up both sides of the street. Few of these houses still remain intact today, although some were incorporated into Rodney Street when that was built some years later. In fact if you walk up Knight Street you can see original doorways high up on the sides of the houses which now have Rodney St addresses.

Around 1804 The Grapes was built on Roscoe St on the site of an ancient Tavern (also called The Grapes) but little or nothing is really known about the medieval Grapes.