Exciting New Products at The Grapes

We are constantly searching for and trying out new products, particularly in our Specialties range.



Tanqueray Ten Gin, a strong specialty gin. If you like the regular Tanqueray you will love this and it is well worth an extra 60p on our house gin (Gordon's)!

Whitley Neill Gin has made a popular return, a fruity gin inspired by Africa.

Appleton's VX Rum direct from Jamaica is also more than worth its 60p extra on our house offerings (Bacardi and Captain Morgan), a delicious full flavoured rum, sip on its own or mix with cola or ginger. We also have Appleton's Estate Special, delicious


Pampero Venezuelan Rum is the one of the most popular rums in Spain, and pretty popular with Anna too!

Jefferson's Antiguan Rum is one we sought out ourselves and we are currently the only outlet for this amazing, demerara sugar flavoured dark rum. Anyone visiting the Lakes should definitely check out their visitors centre in Whitehaven.

Smirnoff Black Label - oh so smooth.....

We are so excited about this product! Pink 47 gin is an exclusive (and somewhat illusive) gin which graced our bar before Xmas. Loads of you have asked for its return and here it is! Again, only 60p more than our regular house gin. Look out for the pink diamond shaped bottle and don't miss our promo in June.